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delinkcious: a friday’s worth of links

Posted in delinkcious by dendoo on April 16, 2010

It’s been a proper minute since I’ve done a link post so I got un-busy (aka un-lazy) and decided to do one.

I have a special thing for Unibrows

A newly single young woman needs to know what she can use now that she’s left to her mechanical devices

This comes in handy when you need to give letters that ominous personal touch

Wedding season is approaching.  I’m tired of boring brides.  Be original.

It’s mad.

Forever21 still steals artists imagery.

…If I had no responsibility: Hitch a ride to Coachella. Rent an apartment with intellegent people. Try my hand in some inhouse gardening…Go back to school, forever. Protest various issues that piss me off. Never buy an item of new clothing again. Take up guitar, glockenspiel, didgeridoo and drums. Move north, not …drive my car unless I’m visiting my mom. Find a job in a novelty store. Shower less often.
thanks to my fb friend estee

we should all get naked (click the ankh)

Feng Shui on Steroids

You can thank me later designer in training

this wasn’t a lot of links but i’m trying.  plus i have to drop my sister to work and she’s pestering me.  enjoy and chit chat amongst yourselves.  much love, dendoo


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