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Spring to Summer: Get the Look

Posted in fashion, Inspiration by dendoo on April 26, 2010

The month of April screams spring to me but as it is coming to an end it reminds me that Summer is just around the corner and soon it will be all about the beach, summer love and getting a tan (unless you’re perma tanned like me!)

I decided to have some fun and put together some cute outfits that could be awesome Spring into Summer wear.

This look is fun and flirty with a worldly vibe.  I call this look Ethnic Eclectic.  Elements like the butterfly earrings shout “Spring is Here” but the fun colours in the skirt and darker tones in the bracelet make it feel more summer to me.  And how cute is the bathing suit that doubles as a shirt?  MAJAHH  The awesomest part?  Everything is under $50.  Cause I gat yo back gurl!  Click here to see the items in detail.

I am a secret lover of the colours Black, Red and White together.  Sometimes you don’t want to be all girly and frilly… You want an Edge.  I call this look Rock n Edge.  This could def be worn to a springtime concert (Coachella?) but I can see this at a bonfire at the beach as well.  The items in this look range from $50-$100.  Click here to see the items in detail.

For all my ladylike sweeties out there I present the Prim Pastel Lady look.  The colour palette is pure sophistication and the items are very luxe with a price range of $200 – $500.  Every lady has a naughty side so I threw in this marvelous skull cuff that has a bit of “you talkin’ to me?”  I think the colours are very first moment of spring but elements like a breezy skirt, and the cute accessories can be carried into summer.  Click here for details.

Do the the looks work for you?  What colours are you hoping to wear this summer and what are some of your spring staples that will be making a summer appearance?  I tried not to use any items from Forever 21 because they steal too much.  Oh, you didn’t know?  Read all about it here.

I hope I gave you some wardrobe inspiration.  I had so much fun doing this that I even got a jolt or two.  Can’t wait to see what summer has in store for me!

Much love, dendoo


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