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The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on April 29, 2010

It’s that time of year again when you shower Mommy Dearest with loads of gifts in an attempt to somehow show her a fraction of how much you adore and love her.

This year might be a little difficult because HELLO everyone, including moi, is going through a recession.  They’re talking bout this thing is over and we’re heading into recovery… Um…okay…well some of us didn’t get the memo because let’s face it: things are hard.

So I started searching the internets and racking my mind in hopes of finding some fabu gift and gift ideas for you recessionistas out there.  dendoo’s got you covered.  Let’s go!

1. Plan a picnic,  2. Call your mom, 3.  Buy a card,  4. Make a card,  5.  Go for a walk with your mommy,  6.  Have tea with your mom,  7.  Write your mom a letter,  8. Sing mom her favourite song,  9. Make breakfast in bed 10. Have lunch at an affordable restaurant,  11. Help a new mom or mom to be document the life of their new bundle of joy with The First 1000 Days: A Baby Journal12. Buy mom a signature scent, 13. Roses or her favourite flower will surely brighten up the day,  14.  Bring the spa home,  15.  Book a photo session for the two of you   16. Mom should carry it all in style, don’t you think?  17. Watches are a classic, 18.  Go on a helicopter ride,  19.  Full day spa treatments (oh how I wish I could afford thee) sound nice,  20. Go on a trip somewhere exotic (my mum wants to go to China) 21. Offer to baby sit for the mom that is over stressed   22.  Dads and kids clean up the house   23.  Buy mom a star   24.  Plant a tree in honor of a mom that’s not here 25.  Take an elderly mom a good hot meal  26.  Read old mother’s day cards with your mommy   27.  Got a frumpy mom?  give her a fab makeover!  she can spring into summer…..  28.  Know a totally rad mom?  she can sport this tee   29.  Concert tickets would be sweeeeet!!   30.  Just tell mom i love you.

There are so many more ideas but this mother day, whatever you do, don’t forget to tell your momma that you love her!

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  1. deliahsun said, on April 29, 2010 at 8:46 am

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