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Another 31 Girls, Another 31 Days

Posted in artwork, dendoo art, dendoo news by dendoo on August 12, 2010

by dendoo

Hello everyone!

A couple posts back I asked if you could handle 31 girls in 31 days.  Some of you could and some of you just couldn’t take 31 beauties crammed into your peepholes like that.  Well brace yourself because this last edition of 31 in 31 was by far the most spectacular showing (in my very humble opinion).

The last theme was “Out of this World” and I think we artists outdid ourselves.  Everything was truly out of this world.

Some of the standouts for me were:  Girl Eleven, Girl Eight, Girl three, Girl thirty and Girl twenty-one.  Of course I was feeling my girl as well but you know that!

I think there will be one more edition of 31 Girls in 31 Days as was hinted by the creator Ms. Vestque so we will just have to wait and see what delicious theme she comes up with…

Until then I beseech you to make kissy faces at the gorgeous girls and why not visit past ladies from the series as well?  They need love too.  That is – if you can handle it!

Much love, dendoo


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