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Posted in dendoo news, redbubble by dendoo on November 16, 2010

photo by Miguel Michán

Hello world!

I am finally back after an extended break.  As everyone knows I moved to Japan and it’s been a crazy emotional rollercoaster.  Moving to another country is difficult but add not speaking the language plus huge cultural gaps and life will surely get interesting.

I’m starting to scope out the art scene here and making a few contacts as I go along.  My job keeps me really busy.  In fact I was supposed to publish this post a few days ago but life overtook me.

Hopefully I can reserve enough energy in the evenings to do what I must and push dendoo along.

So what news do I have:

  • My zazzle shop has been getting a lot of buzz.  There’s nothing new in it but some of my tried and true designs are available in t-shirts, skateboards, cards and much more.  Check the store out and see if any calls your name.
  • Expect new items in the zazzle store by the end of the month, just in time for the holidays.  I’m sure there will be some discounts as well so start saving your yen…er…dollars!  lol.
  • I have a few secret projects so expect big announcements within in the next few weeks.
  • On the local scene I’m looking selling at this really awesome art gallery in Harajuku.  I was shooting for next month but we’ll see.  I have so many things going on it’s really hard to make new artwork.
  • And redbubble is offering a lot more merchandise now so I will be revamping my redbubble store and selling on select items through them.  Expect a lot from dendoo + redubble for the start of the holiday season/new year.

That’s a lot but I’m trying really hard to push myself.  If there are certain products that you want to see me tackle leave a comment or send me an email.

Looking to start a new project?  Let’s see what we can create.

This is dendoo signing out and trying not to fall asleep! much, much, much love…dendoo


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