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Black and White Starts the Year Right

Posted in artwork, dendoo news by dendoo on February 28, 2011

Late last year I had the luck to showcase some of my work in a gallery in Harajuku.  It’s a lot less fancy then it sounds.  It was really a learning experience more than anything but of course I need to share some of the pieces I did for that day.  My theme was rabbits/bunnies in honor of the (then) upcoming new year and the Year of the Hare.

My ladies were saucy and steamy and I loved drawing every single one of them.  I have leftovers so I’m going to think of creative ways to get rid of them but in the meantime enjoy a few of the pics from that day!

This nerdy chick is one of my favs from the bunch.  First time I drew a gap toothed beauty.  There shall be more.

Also real quick, I’m off the break.   Moving to Japan and the craziness of 2010 REALLY has corrupted my focus and drive.  I’m trying desperately to get back into my grove and doing these pieces really got me back into the mood for art.  March will be madness with new pieces galore, restructering and just a general wake up from the dendooverse.  Gotta love it.

Here’s to gap toothed babes, much love!!! dendoo


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