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Fashion, Freedom and Melting Makeup

Posted in fashion, Inspiration, misc by dendoo on August 24, 2010

What’s up dendoo lovers?  Today I decided to merge two posts into one.  I went on a lil stroll down the hill from the scary house I’m staying in while in Japan and decided to be Glamour Girl!  Thanks to my roomies Catherine and Jennifer for taking pics of me and for enjoying the dendoo experience.   Photos will be scattered throughout.

Now, down to the nitty gritty:  Earlier this year I boycotted Forever21 because a friend of mine who is also an artist found the company was stealing her designs.  So Forever21 was the main core of my closet and it was saddening to have to say goodbye to them.

But if you’ve only known something for so long then how are you to make the switch?  It’s like going from a Mac to…..what??  What’s better than a Mac?  See Forever21, we had something good going on and then you messed it up by plagiarizing.

So what are some good alternatives to F21?  I had to change my mindset and maybe my budget but I found some great stores that can keep me looking right and tight like the plain fashionista that I am.

click mah pic to see h&m!

H&M is first on my list because this is a store that closely resembles the F21 aesthetic without stealing hardworking artists ideas. Walking into this store it feels like the grownup, graduated version of it’s little sister.

Also shout outs go to H&M because they invited my boo boo Geneticboi to be a part of this style thingamajigger (go check it out)!

The prices vary but some are moderate and others are a little more than you would pay at Forever21 but when shopping in here you have to think “I’m a grown up now”.  If you can repeat that bad boy you’re set for some good shopping.  The clothes are well made as far as cheap clothing go and they have a good variation of styles.

clicky da piccc-ky to see zara

Zara:  this is the uppity up up.  You can find AWESOME clothing in here.  Prices are higher than F21 for sure and higher than H&M but walking with a wardrobe from this shop will have you looking polished and professional for certain.  Don’t let this store scare you.  The first time I walked into Zara I asked myself “Charrish, what are you doing in here?”  Don’t psych yourself out!   This store delivers quality pieces for the money so get to shopping hunny!

Dendoo Shopping Tips: Stopping in many of the no name brand stores in the mall will allow you to purchase cheap shirts that will become the foundation of your wardrobe.  You can find plain coloured tees for at least 3 bucks that will stretch your wardrobe out extensively.

I pity the fool who pays more than 10 bucks for a plain tee.  Why?  Because these were meant to be worn at the drop of a hat, meant to spiff up a plain outfit and meant to be worn with your Jimmy Choos.  A plain tee is plentiful in your life so why would you spend $50 for a tee shirt that was meant to go through damage?  No I say, No!!

This pic takes you to ModCloth!

Here’s a good suggestion:  find a quirky online clothing store that suits your personal tastes.  If you’re into a style like vintage clothing, the internet can be a treasure chest of treats just waiting for your clicks.  One store that instantly jumps to mind is Mod Cloth.  I haven’t ordered from them yet but I plan to as soon as I get some money cause my wardrobe was minimized in my move.

These guys have awesome finds and they’re unique enough that you won’t feel as if everyone just stopped in your closet that morning.  The prices are pretty decent and not only is their regular stock reminicent of a vintage feel but they carry legit vintage clothing too!  So if you’re the type of girl that wants to ease her way into vintage pieces this would be a great stop for you.

Other great places to try would be Etsy and Ebay (although I don’t trust Ebay for the mere fact that the website is hella ugly).  There are also a lot of independent merchants who are selling awesome clothing with a very quirky feel.  You have to do a little bit of searching but when you find someone selling something that fits your style bookmark and smile cause you’re set!

These take you nowhere!!  Yaaaaay!

Last Thoughts: Recently I’ve been getting into brands.  Not wanting brands to be seen as a fashionista…if that’s what you have to see me as then you can keep that.  I have been eying brands for their beauty and durability, for the pure joy they give me and because I like what a certain brand stands for with it’s imaging.

I think it’s good to take advantage of some key brand pieces.  It’s good to invest in a suit by a certain brand, a nice handbag by a certain label, shoes by a certain designer because:

One:  you carry yourself differently when you have a label.  Does that mean you’re a label whore?  No.  It just means you’re noticing the true fit of whatever you’re wearing, the design and the style is more on point and it’s encouraging you to suck in your gut and carry yourself well.

Two:  the workmanship in designer clothes and accessories is evident and it helps the pieces last longer.  No more fraying edges and missing zippers.  You can feel the heaviness in a hem when it’s designer.  I watched a morning show do a segment on the difference between a pair of Louboutin and Payless shoes.  One part of the segment involved cutting the shoes in half through the sole and you could see there were layers and layers in the Louboutin’s and just a few little layers in the soles of the Payless shoes.  Workmanship, attention to detail, these are qualities you will find in a brand and these are the things that make them more expensive but worth the money.

Three: investing in a designer piece means you’re investing in yourself.  Yes it’s nice to go cheap sometimes but isn’t it just as nice to treat yourself?  Why not enjoy this season’s it bag, why not enjoy that dress or new shoe?  The thing about investing is you can’t pick up money from any old place and then say “Here I’m investing”.  So if you’re going to treat yourself nicely then you have to have the means to do it but there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a little love.  This last point is especially to moms or women who place the world before them.  Maybe you can’t afford a $950 shoe but I’m sure you can afford a nice Coach wallet on sale at only $50.  Right?  Right.  You get to treat yourself and you gave yourself something you normally would have waltzed right past.

So maybe you still want to go to F21 and that’s your choice!  At the end of the day I’ll still drink with ya and laugh at something that’s not really funny.  I still wear my F21 clothes so I’m not going to hate on you but I realized there has to be more to clothing than F21 and these are just a few of the many options out there.

There are loads of brands to be discovered, loads of stores that respect art and design and loads of no name brands ready to stretch your budget.  I’m giving you a fraction of the pie!  Take this as a nudge, a gentle push, in a new direction.  This season what will your wardrobe say?  Are you discovering brands, are you anti brand?  Are you a victim of trends and do you want to do your own thing?  Do you want to get away from F21?

Think about fashion and where it’s taking you!  Maybe we’ll meet at the fashion crossroads.

Until then, happy shopping!!

Much much fashion love, dendoo


Spring to Summer: Get the Look

Posted in fashion, Inspiration by dendoo on April 26, 2010

The month of April screams spring to me but as it is coming to an end it reminds me that Summer is just around the corner and soon it will be all about the beach, summer love and getting a tan (unless you’re perma tanned like me!)

I decided to have some fun and put together some cute outfits that could be awesome Spring into Summer wear.

This look is fun and flirty with a worldly vibe.  I call this look Ethnic Eclectic.  Elements like the butterfly earrings shout “Spring is Here” but the fun colours in the skirt and darker tones in the bracelet make it feel more summer to me.  And how cute is the bathing suit that doubles as a shirt?  MAJAHH  The awesomest part?  Everything is under $50.  Cause I gat yo back gurl!  Click here to see the items in detail.

I am a secret lover of the colours Black, Red and White together.  Sometimes you don’t want to be all girly and frilly… You want an Edge.  I call this look Rock n Edge.  This could def be worn to a springtime concert (Coachella?) but I can see this at a bonfire at the beach as well.  The items in this look range from $50-$100.  Click here to see the items in detail.

For all my ladylike sweeties out there I present the Prim Pastel Lady look.  The colour palette is pure sophistication and the items are very luxe with a price range of $200 – $500.  Every lady has a naughty side so I threw in this marvelous skull cuff that has a bit of “you talkin’ to me?”  I think the colours are very first moment of spring but elements like a breezy skirt, and the cute accessories can be carried into summer.  Click here for details.

Do the the looks work for you?  What colours are you hoping to wear this summer and what are some of your spring staples that will be making a summer appearance?  I tried not to use any items from Forever 21 because they steal too much.  Oh, you didn’t know?  Read all about it here.

I hope I gave you some wardrobe inspiration.  I had so much fun doing this that I even got a jolt or two.  Can’t wait to see what summer has in store for me!

Much love, dendoo