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31 Girls in 31 Days

Posted in artwork, dendoo art, dendoo news by dendoo on June 17, 2010

So tell me – could you handle 31 girls in 31 days?

Last month I was part of a project called ’31 Girls in 31 Days’.  If this is making you feel a lil deja vu that’s because there was a similar project in March with the same name hosted by the same person, the wonderful VESTQUE!

She, I and basically everyone who took part had SO much fun that she decided to host part deux of the project and this time there was a twist: poison.  Yep, under the theme poison artists from all over the world submitted to the project.  I had a blast creating this piece for the project and I think it was even better the second time around because of the theme.  It was more tied together.

So check out 31 females over 31 days…if you think you can handle it.  Be on the look out for my poisoned beauty in the line up!

And don’t fret, if you find that you have an appetite for 31 beauties there will be a July edition.  I’m starting to think this is going to be a regular project and I for one am very excited.  I’ll have an announcement via my blog when July starts to roll in.

Much poisoned love, dendoo


Say No to Abuse

Posted in dendoo news, Inspiration by dendoo on May 10, 2009

About 2 weeks ago my sister and I participated in a march held locally protesting against the limited protection for children when it comes to Child Abuse.  I couldn’t get anyone who was working on the board for these laws to change to speak on camera about the specifics but I did get the gist of it.  The laws here in the TCI are so old there is hardly any protection for minors against sexual abuse, divorce, adoption, etc.

Recently in the last few weeks there has been an increase in crimes not only against children but against tourists as well.  I think tourists are annoying as hell but as they provide my internet and cable and my water to drink I’m dont think attacking them is the best course.  There have been reports of sexual crimes against girls and rapes against women.  When I walk to my car at night, if I even venture out at night, I grip my keys in such a way that i am able to jam it in your eye if you mess with me.  Serious.

Well, the march was very successful and there was a great turn out.  The laws haven’t been updated for many years and it goes to show how relaxed and laid back things are here and no one wants to make the effort and take that step unless it happens to them and their family.  The march was important to me because I feel alot of people are out here mating and they have no reason to.  They don’t care for their children, they abuse their powers as parents, they ignore what is right for their child.  As a community we have to work together to raise a better tommorrow.  If I can make it better for a child by marching then why not do it?

Pictures from the march. I’m living for a peace filled world.  I’m living for something more than myself.

me and my handmade signs.  diggin the one on the right, no?
explanation of the one on the right: sleep with a dog before you sleep with a child.
IMG_3351 IMG_3352

IMG_3354 IMG_3353

the girl looking like she don’t want be there is Ms. TCI.  Do you think I could be Ms. TCI?
that’s the last bit of the marchers.  there were waaaaay more ppl in front but i dont have a shot.
IMG_3361 IMG_3363

my sister and girls from the centre where i volunteer at.  aren’t they pretty?IMG_3362 IMG_3356

So it might be a small thing like protesting or writing on your blog but there are little things we can do everyday.  We can’t wait till something happens to our own family.  We are all family.  much love, dendoo!

dendoo tells girls to be themselves

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on May 5, 2009

this is my lil video i made after i spoke to the girls at one of the local high schools.  it was such a great experience.  the last group of girls i spoke to were cheering by the time we ended and half of the girls either gave me a hug or simply wanted to touch me.  weird.   i’d love to do this again.  check the video out.  i do have a gripe with youtube though.  why do they pick the most random clip to use as the thumbnail?  my god!  pick something decent.  then when i got to change the thumbnail view it takes hours to change.  ugh!  lol okay enjoy:

here are a few pics of me from girls day.





lol i still can’t believe they thought i was a model.  i guess i’m fierce.  love ya!  dendoo.

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new work

Posted in artwork, dendoo art by dendoo on July 11, 2008

here are the untouched pieces i’ve been working on.  i’ll fool with them a bit in photoshop and chop them up for various magazine submissions.