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Curious Tuesday…on a Tuesday

Posted in misc by dendoo on May 4, 2010

1. What are you most excited for RIGHT NOW?

To move to JAPAN this summer.  I’m excited beyond words.  Why can’t it be August?

2. Who is your style icon? What inspires your look?

I love, love, love Erykah Badu.  Can’t you just see it?  We’re united.  Look:


On the real tip I enjoy finding my own influences, many people an things influence my me but at the end of the day it’s about the vibe I’m feeling and the energy that is flowing within in me.  But if I had to pick someone who captured everything I could never say it would be Erykah Badu.  Cause she baaaad.

3. If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would you invite?

I’d probably have dinner with My great grandmother and ask her a bunch of questions.  I never met her but I would like to.

4. What did you dress up as for your first Halloween?

Well the first Halloween I can remember I dressed up as Smurfette.  I mean come on…who else was I going to be?  I think she’s awesome cause she’s blue and not a lot of people can pull that colour.

5. What are you improving?

Trying to improve my:  Japanese, my anger, my need to procrastinate, my eyebrows, my hatred of taking baths and wearing the same undies up to three days in a row (yeah yeah like you’ve never done it) and my worrying.

Keep Moving On

Posted in dendoo art, Inspiration by dendoo on April 30, 2010

artwork by dendoo

keep moving on
even if you got scuffs on your new shoes keep stepping on
even if he says your boots were made for walking keep walking on
even if you only have your bare feet keep keeping on
no matter what you have to do
keep moving on
cause you’re a woman and that’s what we do
let’s move along

much love, dendoo

emotional journey

Posted in Inspiration, the weekender by dendoo on August 8, 2009

hey ya’ll.  so i’ve been very quiet for a few days and I was doing some mega deep thinking.  Boy that saying

ya don’t know what ya gat till it’s gone

is so true!  I didn’t know what independence was till it was gone.  Truth, reality, morals, honesty, all of that was stolen away from me by a very, very bad person.  Now I am in a custody battle and I am winning it all back.  Amen and thank you Lord.  That’s why I’ve been so quiet lately because these legal fees in my emotional department have been draining.

Getting yourself together emotionally is taxing but I can tell you it’s very rewarding.  Now I am at a point where I don’t want to go down any more emotional bumpy roads.  All I want to do is have a nice calm boring ride down the highway.  can I get an AMEN?


I’m not going to be blogging as frequently still but I will say I am glad I went on this great emotionally healing journey.  No I’m not completely healed but that part that was stolen from me is a part I can confidently say is on the verge of making a comeback into my life.   It doesn’t matter if you are dripped in Chanel, loaded in lace, rolling with gems, face is beaten to perfection, or if you have a J-Lo booty, if your insides are not matching the outsides then it’s awaste of time.

That’s what I’ve learned.  Now how are we going to fix it?  Simple!  with a glass of wine and some yummy choco cookies.  Holla!

Take this quick little weekend post and let it settle on your brain and in your heart.  I want you to feel inspired to shake the dead things off and grab the things you were taking for granted and put them BACK into your life.  While I sip on this Monkey Bay boo you go on and work on you.  Love, dendoo!

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the monthly do | interviews with dendoo

Posted in Inspiration, the monthly do by dendoo on June 9, 2009

cferguson_freaks1I thought long and hard about this next Monthly Do.   When I first came up with the idea of the Monthly Do inside the shower humming “Rubber Ducky” I wanted it to not only be a focus on artists but on artforms, art movements, ideas, creativity in general.  I wanted it to be a break out.  I think I need to start pushing the other side of the monthly do, the break out vibe that I needed within my own soul.

This month the Monthly Do is all about YOU.  You are the test subject and it’s about your creativity and your eyes that view the world in your own special way.  As human beings we’re all creative even if we can only draw stickmen.  Our creativity comes from pairing stripes and dots, or putting a lone flower on our coffee table, or wearin that delish super skinny silver tie to the office.

So this month I want you to dare yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and outside of your limitations.  This month the monthly do is all about finding art and beauty in the simplicity of the lines that are drawn from the creations of not man but the creator.  Does that make sense?


– take more pictures
– wear hot pink
– dye your hair
– don’t follow a trend
– write notes to your girlfriend/boyfriend and pin it to their undies
– write your thoughts
– meditate
– learn about a new culture
– buy a flower and study it
– try a new meal
– colour outside the lines
– walk into a room and make me stare
– paint a picture with your tears
– steal the sunsets
– talk to poe
– discover others like you
– call yourself who you are
– ask who am i?

As creatives we have to go out there and cause the trends that we won’t follow.  We have to be the exclaimation points out the ends of others sentences.  It’s up to us to make a splash and it’s up to us to fin a new pond.  We are the ones painting our lives rainbowellic.

Find your art form.

Find you.

This monthly do is a special one.  Every single thing we do makes us an artist..  No reports necessary, all that matters is you breakout and you believe that today you are Picasso’s 21st century muse and you are a truffle.  If it makes no sense then you’re not ready.

— Be free.  It was great to interview you.

much love, dendoo

dendoo daily challenge 22 & 23

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on May 13, 2009

Hi you guys!  Today is a special challenge and it must be special if I’m doing a video…rawr.  Today’s Challenge is to KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  I’m addressing an issue that affects a lot of boys and girls in happy land and shaduh it prounces on me too.  We have to know who are, soul search and crap.  Take a look at this video and explore these questions.  Some people might not understand all of the issue but I am sure you can understand questioning yourself as you relate to others.  yeah, i’m an ordinary young woman and i’m struggling but i’m sharing!  This is a great post, in my opinion, to leave comments on so please do and share this video with your friends.  Let’s question life, others, dreams, answers, and the inner you.  Let’s search.

I am so unorganized.  I mentioned I bought a planner and I am having such battles inputting and crap.  I fond these websites that gave some tips on organizing your butt.  Take aaaaa look

dendoo daily challenge: technical difficulties

Posted in Inspiration, misc by dendoo on May 12, 2009

Picture 1Hey guys, I am having a lot of difficulty with my camera getting it to upload my videos.  I’m going to try to work on it tonight because today’s challenge HAS TO BE IN VIDEO FORM. It’s a serious challenge and I want to do it right.  So that means tomorrow will be a double challenge and I am sorry this happened this way but at least I am trying.  that’s all we can do is try.

so i am still in my japanese kick and i mentioned to my sis i want to try to meet up with my bro in japan this summer.  twould be a dream come true.  i was explaining a type of style of japanese girl to her and she couldn’t vizualise.  I was trying to show her what a yamanba was and then i remembered this.  So in case any of you need a guide as to who is who and what is what here you go!

This isn’t a challenge.  This is fun and the challenge will be issued tomorrow.

enjoy and I’m off to get my cam mess sorted out.

When you click the website hit English, refresh your screen and press English again if it doesn’t work.

Much love, dendoo!

dendoo daily challenge: day 21

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on May 11, 2009

Hey you guys.  I”m not feeling well today.  I woke up feeling sick to my stomach and I had the worst night ever.  Probably suffered through 5 panic attacks.  I had a whole other thing planned out for today but I’ll say take it easy and watch these awesome videos I’ve found and most if not all have something to do with Japan.  I revisited my “Think of your dream trip” challenge and it helped me stumble across these wonderful vids.  Hope you guys enjoy and I’m going to go rest.  Today’s challenge:  watch videos and smile.

Love, dendoo.

–please read the post I wrote about the Child Abuse March, and check out Sunday’s challenge for another great video.

this is insanely beautiful

I’m really diggin this chick and her insights on her life in Japan.  Specially since she’s black and she used a Lupe Fiasco song for the first part of the vid

this is weird and there is nudity so play at your own risk.  It’s a commercial for an adult manga I think?  Yes that’s a seal.

how to get ready for work

i despise cats but i found this weirdly cute.  weirdly.

doesn’t this make you want to go?  so hearting the pumpkins

hope you guys enjoyed.  does this make you want to think about your dream trip even more?  holla.

dendoo daily challenge: day 20 & happy mother’s day!

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on May 10, 2009

my mother’s day card.  i went for an old school “i’m 5 yrs old” look.

Photo 1 Photo 1

happy mother’s day.  today’s challenge is to create a homemade card for your mum.  i’m so serious.  here’s my card now where is yours?  also check out the AMAZING video that in a weird way reminds me of a mother’s love when you get to the end you’ll understand.  watch it through and marvel at the time that must have gone into creating it.  don’t you just love creative people?  GO ON give yo momma a kiss and a hug and if yo momma is no longer with us then tell someone who has been a big influence in your life happy momma’s day.  also remember every day is mother’s day.  if you remember that the world will be a better place.  much love, dendoo.

happy mother’s day!

dendoo daily challenge: day 19

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on May 9, 2009

if it’s nice you play it twice // rewind selector!

today’s challenge is visit past challenges.  did you miss a certain challenge, want to remember the times?  go on and back it up baby.  clicky to go to the past challenges.

i think i’m going to read over that imagine your dream trip challenge.  i’d like to elaborate on my imagingings.

How’s your reading coming?  Uncle Tom’s good Mas’r just died and he never did sign the papers for Tom to be free.  Sadly, Tom is now going to be sold.  I feel bad for Tom.  What’s going on in your book?  Is that a magazine???? Um….start reading!!

You guys enjoy your Saturday and remember, dendoo loves you!

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dendoo daily challenge: day 18

Posted in Inspiration by dendoo on May 8, 2009

the beach by my house…i thought I’d share it with you guysIMG_2864


so i have to go to work today and this was not planned.  today is my aunt’s birthday and she went away and my mother can’t cover the shop so i am going to work.  when i told my aunt i would be the one covering she laughed and told me the shop can be closed today.  no, i’m not offended.  i’m not really the best when it comes to working in the shop.  i barely get by but i thought it would be nice to do this for her.  like an extension of just because day.

this throw’s a loop in my plans….what to do.  see i was going to upload all my pics from stuffs and write posts that i needed to catch up on but now i have to go to work!  well at least i can issue the challenge and talk a bit about this past week.

when was the last time, and no this is not a joke, you read a book?  i’m totally serious! when was the last time you read a real honest to goodness someone sat down and wrote it book?  when i was younger i used to fake sick so i could stay home and read ((nerd alert, nerd alert)).

Challenge:  pick up a book and read!  Bonus points if it’s a Classic ((Great Expectations is one of my favs)).  It has to be a book book not a book like How to Tell if your Mother is a Zombie with little pictures of zombies on every page.  Let’s shake that rust off our brains.  You don’t have to finish the book in a day but if you’re like me, and yes I am bragging, you probably can.  At the moment I’m working on finishing Uncle Tom’s Cabin and simultaneously I’m re-reading: The Life of Pi, Brave New World (this book really makes you think!), Harry Potter book seven (I like to use my imagination), and a book of Chinese fables which is pretty cool.

How did your face wash // drinking water week go? I scored an A+ for the drinking water but I’d say about a B- for the face wash.  I fell asleep both Wed and Thursday and forgot to do it.  I did wash my face properly and use my morning face medication the whole week though and I remembered to use sunscreen all week.  So it takes some effort and trials but I got there.  I’m going to have to bump up my face washing time since I dont go out like that really.  Tonight I’m gonna do it!  Taking care of your skin is oh so importante.

Did you guys like the healthy tips I left?  I left stuff about drinking water, exercising, eating fruits and veggies and some other thingys I can’t remember.  All I want to get across is it’s not hard!  Small changes can really give you a big change.  Drinking water and healthy juices all week I felt a little better and my body didn’t feel like I had mini swine flu.

I’m going to issue a week long challenge on Monday so feel free to continue drinking water and doing your skin routine till Mon or forever and ever!!  The main thing I want you guys to know is dendoo loves you.  holla!

oh yeah, wish me luck today.  I have no idea what i’m doing in the shop.