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31 Girls in 31 Days

Posted in artwork, dendoo art, dendoo news by dendoo on June 17, 2010

So tell me – could you handle 31 girls in 31 days?

Last month I was part of a project called ’31 Girls in 31 Days’.  If this is making you feel a lil deja vu that’s because there was a similar project in March with the same name hosted by the same person, the wonderful VESTQUE!

She, I and basically everyone who took part had SO much fun that she decided to host part deux of the project and this time there was a twist: poison.  Yep, under the theme poison artists from all over the world submitted to the project.  I had a blast creating this piece for the project and I think it was even better the second time around because of the theme.  It was more tied together.

So check out 31 females over 31 days…if you think you can handle it.  Be on the look out for my poisoned beauty in the line up!

And don’t fret, if you find that you have an appetite for 31 beauties there will be a July edition.  I’m starting to think this is going to be a regular project and I for one am very excited.  I’ll have an announcement via my blog when July starts to roll in.

Much poisoned love, dendoo


The Monthly Do | Interview with Vestque

Posted in artwork, misc, redbubble, the monthly do, vector by dendoo on November 20, 2008

I introduced this idea on my RB blog but I also want to put this on my dendoo blog. Monthly Interviews with artists! The very first is with Vestque, a wonderful artist who brings a smile to your face when you view her work. Much props to her for her help with this idea and enjoy!

Ok give it to me straight: in 5 words describe Vestque

Bubbly! :3
Yeah, that about does it.

I think I’ve seen you had written somewhere that you’re an amateur and that you’ve sort of just started dabbling in art. How has RB helped your work and confidence in your work improve?

The people here are so nice and helpful! Yeah, when I started I really didn’t have confidence in myself as an artist, but now I’ve gained a sense of belonging through the RedBubble Community. Thanks guys! 😀

I love, love, love your Tako-chan series. I’m guessing it’s a favourite series of yours to work on? What makes it so special for you?

Well, I am a mega nerd. Ever since I was younger I’ve loved the Cephalopod class of invertebrates. My favorites are the Squid, Octopus and the Cuttlefish (of which has earned the label as the Smartest invertebrate in the world!) Haha At one point I wanted to have a pet octopus. I even looked into how to go about getting one. However, through research I discovered how short-lived and miserable a pet octopus’s life would be. So, ethically I could not bring myself own one….until I came up with the idea of drawing my pet Octopus! 😀 And thus Tako-Chan was born.

Hehe, So he’s the ultimate pet! He will live forever and he will always be happy.

There are obvious Anime inspirations in your work. If you dressed up for an Anime convention who would you dress up as and why?

Haha, Yeah I am a huge Anime Fan! If I had the ultimate pic as to who I would dress up as I would have to say “Lucy” from the series “Elfen Lied.” Yes I know in the beginning she was the “bad guy,” but I have to admit I really connected with her in that series. As a child she didn’t start out as a murderer, but circumstances and genetics turned her into one.

And isn’t that always the case.

So no matter what she’s my hero and I would love to Cosplay her, hehe.

….My second choice would be Saya from the “Blood: The Last Vampire” movie. She is one bad ass! 😀
(Not to be mixed up with ‘Saya’ from the Blood+ series…)

Among my artist friends we all debate whether we have a specific style or not. There’s either an “I don’t have a style I just create” group or an “Of course I have a style…It’s copywritten and everything!” group. So which group would you fall into and why?

I definitely fall into the “Create” group! I have no idea what my style is! Haha

Who are some artists (besides me of course….bad joke :P) that have inspired you on your art journey?

Oh Besides you? Hahah 😉

Let see….
I really like leafing through Ash Sivils’s stuff, even though her artwork is so drastically different from mine. It keeps me in perspective as to the darker side of life and existence. Plus she’s a really good friend of mine! (Hey gurl, How about this shout out :P)

I also like clicking through Karin Taylor’s stuff. Again her style is so different than mine, but her artwork always shows me the brighter side, so it’s all balanced, hehe.

Some other artists interest me because of their technique. Japu, Tsuyoshi, and Tsubakituesday all fall into that category. Their styles are all a form of Anime, but I love how they each put their own spin on the genre.

And as of recently a new artist named xkittyx has been perking my interest as well! She has big things coming, watch out for her ;)!

I’ve noticed you’ve submitted a few “softer” works recently eg. “A Balancing Act for the Masses” which is a favourite of mine. What is inspiring this softer side and will we see more?

We’ll it sort of stemmed from a small change of technique. Formally I would draw something on paper and then completely redraw it on the computer after it was scanned in. Not only was this tedious, but time consuming. Plus often I would put some detail into the paper drawing that wouldn’t make it into the final product. So one day I tried something new…and it worked out great 😀 Now the original drawing is a crucial part of the artwork itself, which consequentially lead to softer images since I didn’t have to do all of that hardcore outlining.

I love the new style, and yes there is plenty more to come!

It’s 7 years into the future…well that’s if the world doesn’t end in 2012 like everyone says it will…what’s going on with Vestque? And tell me, do you think the world will end in 2012?

Oh you mean with that comet? Maybe, lol.

Well either way Vestque the person will FINALLY be a Surgeon! Yeah!!!
Vestque the Musician will be completely fulfilled in some Symphony Orchestra some where :P.
And Lastly, Vestque the Artist will have overcame her fear of the physical medium and will have several paintings and artworks hanging in the hospital she will work in and around her home. Definitely! 😀

What’s easier for you: designing tees or designing artwork?

Artwork, definitely. Teeshirts get so technical! Darn pngs…

What’s the most difficult part of being an artist?

I think it’s the uncertainty. You won’t know if someone will really like your works or not until you upload them, and that’s just scary (Well it is for me). Plus being an artist in general is tough. Right now I’m not working so my only real sources of income come from the Violin lessons I offer and the artworks I sell. As many artist know selling work is tough! Haha. No worries though, I’m in for the long haul. I gave myself a year to prove to myself that I can become a successful artist. And even then I won’t be giving up on this little dream of mine.

So we’ll see what is to come 😛

I think all artists should share advice so do you have something you’d like to share with the artists out there in RB land?

NEVER give up! Seriously. When I first started I was so discouraged. But no matter what it will only get better with time. Also as artists sometimes we feel that we’re all alone. However, in the RB Community were all in this together. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Let’s have some fun…It’s the lightening round!

Batman or Superman: BATMAN! Whoot! He’s just a normal guy…with a lot of money! Wouldn’t we all do the same if we had the means?
What came first, chicken or egg: Maan, I ask myself that every day. All I know is they’re both delicious :P…
Dogs or Cats: I like Huge Dogs and Small Cats, Not vise versa. But I do love animals in General. 😀
Do you ever pretend to have a fake accent: I sort of have a real accent, lol. A Jamaican family will sort of do that to you. I like working with it though. Screaming at people in Patwa is always fun ^ _ ^
Can you dance: Yes? and No? I have my moments. Hahah I do have Tap,Ballet and Jazz training. LMAO I get around 😛 does jazz hands
I give you a million dollars, what do you do: You will never see me again! Off to Japan I Go!!!! My New Name will be Suko (LOL)….
I take the million dollars back…what do you do: Well I would be stuck in Japan wouldn’t I….”Hello sir, want a massage?”
Ernie or Bert: Bert! Man, he just wants to play checkers with his pigeon. Is that too much to ask?
happiness is: found no where else but within yourself. Looking for happiness in other people or things will only lead to heartbreak and misery.
monkeys are: a girl’s best friend!
Do you dendoo: Oh I am definitely down with the Dendoo!

So special thanks to Vestque for agreeing to do my very first interview and who gave me lots of ideas towards the making of the The Monthly Do. Also I have to give lots of electronic love to Yanmos who taught me how to post thumbnails properly. I did it!!! I really hope The Monthly Do shows us a new side to artists we already know about and shows us artists we had no idea were around in this giant bubble.

Till next time, dendoo